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Best Sex Positions during Pregnancy!

Having sex during pregnancy can have several benefits. In fact, sex is more enjoyable during pregnancy for some women. However, when the baby bump becomes bigger, old sex positions may no longer be comfortable. But, this shouldn’t be the reason to stop having sex or to start the search for the best escorts in las vegas. Instead, try these sex positions.

Using a Counter or a Table

Sitting on a table with your partner standing in front and wrapping legs around him is a great sex position to try when pregnant. This enables you to lean back so that the baby bump doesn’t get on the way. You can also cushion the surface to make it comfortable.


This sex position entails lying side-by-side with a man behind the woman. With this position, the man’s weight is kept off the baby bump. You can rest your leg on a pillow to ease his penetration. This position is generally comfortable for most women.


This is always a great position for most pregnant women especially in the last months of their pregnancy. That’s because the man’s weight is not felt on the pelvis or back. However, you should have a pillow between his lower back and your bottom in case penetration gets too deep.

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